ConneXium Extended Switch 6TX / 2FX-MM

Rp. 86.470.230

Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 1 kg(s)



Range of product ConneXium
Product or component type Ethernet TCP/IP managed switch
Concept Transparent Ready
Communication port protocol Ethernet TCP/IP
Port Ethernet 100BASE-FX - 2 port(s) fiber optic
10BASE-T/100BASE-TX - 6 port(s) copper cable
Maximum number of switches in cascade Unlimited
Integrated connection type Duplex SC fiber optic
Shielded RJ45 copper cable
Transmission support medium Twisted shielded pairs cable CAT 5E for copper cable
Multimode optical fiber for fiber optic
Maximum cable distance between devices 100 m copper cable
Attenuation 11 dB (62.2/125 µm)
8 dB (50/125 µm)
Ethernet service Multicast filtering
SNTP client
IGMP Snooping
Configuration via web server
Secure port
Data stream control
Rapid Scanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
Priority port
Maximum number of switches in a ring 50
Redundancy Redundant power supplies
Ring coupling
Redundant single ring
[Us] rated supply voltage 12...48 V
Supply voltage limits 10…60 V DC SELV
Power consumption in W 12 W
Electrical connection 2 removable connectors 2 ways power supply
Mounting support 35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
Marking CE
Local signalling 2 LEDsP1 P2 power supplies:
1 LEDfault:
1 LEDring manager:
1 LEDstand-by:
1 LED per channelcopper port activity:
1 LED per channelcopper port status:
Alarm output 2 voltfree contact 1 A
Alarm function Power supply fault
High temperature
Data link status
Ethernet cabling system TF switches
Width 120 mm
Height 137 mm
Depth 115 mm
Net weight 1 kg

ConneXium Extended Switch 6TX / 2FX-MM

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