SCHNEIDER BMEP584040 processor module M580 - Level 4 - Remote

processor module M580 - Level 4 - Remote

Rp. 102.850.000

Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 1 kg(s)



Range of product Modicon M580
Product or component type Processor module
Number of racks 8
Local I/O processor capacity (discrete) 4096 I/O
Local I/O processor capacity (analog) 1024 I/O
Number of application specific channel (local rack) 144
Application specific I/O Counter
SSI encoder
Motion control
Accurate time stamping
Serial link
Checks Process control
Control channels Programmable loops
Integrated connection type 1 Ethernet TCP/IP for service port
2 Ethernet TCP/IP for device network
USB type mini B
Number of remote I/O station 16 - 2 rack(s) per remote drop
Number of distributed equipment 64
Communication module processor capacity 8 AS-Interface module
4 Ethernet communication module
Communication service RIO scanner
DIO scanner
Memory description Expandable flash, 4 GB for data storage
Integrated RAM, 10 kB for system memory
Integrated RAM, 16 MB for program
Integrated RAM, 2048 kB for data
Application structure 2 auxiliary tasks
1 cyclic/periodic master task
1 periodic fast task
128 event tasks
Number of instructions per ms 30 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic
40 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean
Current consumption 295 mA at 24 V DC
MTBF reliability 600000 H
Marking CE
processor module M580 - Level 4 - Remote

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