SCHNEIDER BMECRA31210 X80 EIO Drop adapter with Eth Bkp

Modicon X80 EIO Drop adapter with Ethernet backplane

Rp. 14.800.000

Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 1 kg(s)



Range of product Modicon X80
Product or component type Ethernet RIO drop adaptor
Bus type Bus X across the remote backplane
Ethernet across the remote backplane
Number of port 3
Integrated connection type Ethernet/IP for device network
Ethernet/IP for service port
Communication port protocol Ethernet/IP
Communication service Configure IP parameters
Output modules are updated with the data received from remote I/O head adaptor
The input data are collected and published to the remote I/O head adaptor
Diagnostics for remote I/O devices
RSTP support
Function available CCOTF (configuration change on the fly)
Data recording 10 ms time stamps
Topology Daisy chain loop
Local signalling 1 LED (green)module active (RUN):
1 LED (red)module error (ERR):
1 LED (green/red)module status (Mod Status):
1 LED (green/red)network communication status (Net Status):
1 LED (green)Ethernet link diagnostics (STS):
Product compatibility Multifunction input module BMXERT
Ethernet module BMXNOM
Counter module BMXEHC
0…1024 discrete channel
0…256 analog channel
Weighing module PMESWT
HART module BMEAH...
Marking CE
Module format Standard
Maximum altitude transport 3000 m
Relative humidity 95 % without condensation

Modicon X80 EIO Drop adapter with Ethernet backplane

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